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Positive Behaviour for Learning

At Lucas Gardens School we have three core rules, these three rules apply across all settings including school, home and community.

We have introduced the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) program to help develop and foster positive student behaviour within the school and the wider community.

PBL is based on three core school rules: 


1. Be Safe

  • Hands and feet down
  • Listen
  • Move safely

2. Be Respectful

  • Use a quiet voice
  • Use good manners
  • Take turns

3. Be a Learner

  • Work first
  • Work together
  • Good work

The PBL team includes the following roles:

  • Team Coordinator: Michelle Gray
  • Team Communicator: Vicki Stamatopoulos
  • Data Managers: Michelle Gray and Dani Sinclair
  • Team Members: Jenny Zagas, and Nobuko Nguyen 

Marlee our new mascot encourages us to fly high and be

safe, respectful learners.